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Online loans with instant pledge without Private credit is probably very popular with many consumers. These promise to make an urgent money problem vanish despite the strained Private credit.

But it’s not as easy as it sounds. For online loans with instant confirmation without Private credit require in the recording after much precession and a good eye for detail.

The problem with the Private credit

The problem with the Private credit

Online loans with instant confirmation without Private credit – something “Mau” at checkout

Now you might think that online loans with an instant pledge should not be a problem. After all, they are quite heavily advertised and most banks are quite fast with a first commitment to credit.

Even if this of course only becomes binding when all documents have been checked. The devil is here – as with many other things too – in detail.

For an online loan without Private credit is a completely different house number than a loan, which can be taken up with the support of a positive Private credit. Here is an important criterion for a good credit rating, which significantly limits the choice of providers.

After all, there is a negative Private credit for debts that could not currently be brought under control. Generating new debts through online loans with instant pledge without Private credit in such a phase is not exactly what many funders think is optimal.

Why an instant confirmation?

Why an instant confirmation?

Since the Private credit should cause the biggest problems in an online loan with immediate commitment without Private credit, the question is why the instant confirmation seems so important. After all, it would be better if the loan is searched without Private credit in peace, so that a really suitable offer can be found.

But often it is the non-existent time that is sitting on the backs of consumers. You need to make a quick financial decision, you need money fast, and you think that getting a loan credit immediately is the way to go.

But that is not the case. Online loans with instant pledge without Private credit carry a certain risk.

Consumers do not take time for a comparison because they want a result quickly. As a result, offers are sometimes taken, which are much too expensive or bring the unfavorable repayment modalities.

So we want to explain a bit more in detail how things are going better.

To work on online loans with instant pledge without Private credit

To work on online loans with instant pledge without Private credit

It is recommended to always carry out a comparison before borrowing. Since online loans with immediate promise without Private credit are sought, a comparison calculator should be used, which compares P2P deals at best.

These are most likely to work without Private credit, but it would also be possible to resort to a regular loan offer with the help of a solvent guarantor.

The guarantor compensates for the faulty Private credit, ensuring that almost any loan offer can be considered. This brings with it the great advantage that the Private credit is no longer an issue anymore and above all very favorable offers work excellently.

Furthermore, it would be advisable to provide the loan with the smallest possible loan amount. Especially if the negative entry in the Private credit is an entry that has not yet been completed.

Finally, additional debt always brings additional complications. Also, if the loan should really really be needed urgently.

Consolidation of Loans Thu, 21 Mar 2019 14:46:26 +0000 Read More »]]>

Banks – contrary to popular opinion – offer many solutions that prove to be helpful when the debt is really considerable. They help to get out of debt. It must be remembered that banks also want their clients to pay their debt. Among the proposals of banks, which can be used by people with more than one loan, there is so-called consolidation. What is a consolidation loan? Why is it worth considering taking it?

What is a consolidation loan?

What is a consolidation loan?

Consolidation is a specific type of loan. Money that comes from it rather does not go directly to the borrower. Instead, they hit the creditors’ account, that is banks in which the borrower had loans. As a result, the existing debts are replaced by new ones. So where are the benefits?

A consolidation loan means that only one installment is payable. Therefore, there is no risk that for too many commitments we will forget about some installment, which will result in charging penal interest and sending a message to the bank. At the same time, the most common is that the amount of the installment to be paid is lower than the sum of the existing liabilities. This makes us have more money per month. We pay less to the bank. For many people it is a really great situation. Does this mean that the consolidation loan is an ideal solution? Of course not.

The longer lending period means that interest is also higher, which we transfer to the bank together with the amount borrowed. As a result, the loan costs us more. This is the most important defect in consolidation loans. Banks are often tempted by consolidation. However, when we look closely at the offer, it turns out that it is not so attractive at all. This usually happens in the case of various promotions, which are not lacking in banks today. In fact, they are not so beneficial.

Before we decide on a consolidation loan, we should think about it very carefully. If there is a chance to cope with the repayment of existing liabilities, it is worth postponing the consolidation loan.

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They will be discounted to the delinquent administrations by the payment of the debts Tue, 05 Mar 2019 04:35:26 +0000 Read More »]]>

In this note we are going to mention an event that is taking place and that is that the Government will discount revenues to the delinquent administrations to pay their debts with suppliers.

The Ministry of Finance and Public Administration is working on the creation of an instrument through which the providers of any delinquent administration may directly address the Ministry so that it may arbitrate the form of payment of the debt. This was advanced by the Minister of Finance and Public Administration named Cristóbal Montoro, in Seville after receiving the I Impulse Autonomous Award, where it was explained that the Treasury will deduct the debt to municipalities and communities from their participation in the State’s income.

The minister assured that it is not difficult to start up an instrument of this type after the experience that supposes the plan of payment to suppliers and because part of the income of the communities and the city councils depends on the central Government. Montoro indicated that this instrument will be ready in the first months of 2013 and will prevent administrations from financing themselves at the expense of not paying suppliers.

AUTNOM1 450x250

In this regard, it is guaranteed that the Delinquency Law will be strictly complied with in all administrations. The Spanish administrations can not live situations of default because they cause the business crisis, that of the self-employed that are the suppliers of the administrations, by interrupting the economic circulation in Spain after considering incalculable the damage that makes to the image of Spain any voice that says that a city or autonomous community owes you money. According to the minister, this will be one of the reforms that the Government will undertake in the coming months and will be added to other instruments that are already underway, such as the Autonomous Liquidity Fund, which is a continuity of payment to suppliers and aims to also provide liquidity to the regions.

In this sense, Montoro recalled the success of the supplier plan, which handled 5.5 million overdue invoices, prior to 2012. The management of this macroplan showed that Spain has a very efficient public administration. In addition, he stressed the importance of guiding economic policy to SMEs and self-employed so that the recovery is viable and to get out of the crisis as soon as possible. In fact, it was recalled that Spain is a founding member of the euro and that thanks to this stability, more than 800,000 self-employed workers and SMEs will generate millions of jobs. In 2013, he took charge of reforms to improve confidence, on the other hand, he referred to the reduction of the deficit committed to the European Union (EU), which is touching with his hands and which is so important to regain confidence in Spain.

pymes argentinas 450x250

He also referred to labor reform and banking reform as points to increase the activity of SMEs and the self-employed. According to Montoro, in Spain there are some positive symptoms that are allowing to recover some confidence, such as the reduction of the external debt and the establishment of the bases of growth. It is the first time that we changed the balance of payments sign without resorting to a devaluation, it is a historical phenomenon, after ensuring that 2013 will be full of reforms to advance along that same path.




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Loan Despite Existing Credit – Unbureaucratic & Fast Thu, 28 Feb 2019 17:40:24 +0000 Read More »]]>

The taking up of loans is not limited in Germany. Every consumer therefore has the right to take out a loan despite the existing credit.

With his loan request, the consumer can turn to a lender of his choice. However, additional credit is only possible if the applicant can meet the required credit requirements of the lender.

This is how it works – Overview in keywords

  • Credit requests with existing current loans are not uncommon
  • Even with punctual and agreed payment obligations, not even the score suffers
  • Loan offers with good as well as slightly weaker creditworthiness are therefore eligible
  • Check now which loan suits you
  • Directly – but without obligation – apply for your preferred loan

Credit despite existing credit – at the house bank

Credit despite existing credit - at the house bank

For an existing loan, an additional loan can be requested from the principal bank. Many consumers have a very good business relationship with their bank.

Credit despite existing credit – even with immediate approval

Often, the first loan has already been taken at this bank. In order to be able to accept additional credit, a consultation appointment must be arranged in advance in the branch.

If the bank customer comes to the appointment, he must present the official a valid identification. The additional required credit data has to be available to the clerk in his computer.

In the case of a loan despite existing credit, a private credit statement is obtained again. The creditworthiness must also be recalculated.

If the private credit of the bank customer is positive and the creditworthiness sufficient, the loan can be applied for. If it should pay off, the current loan can be replaced with the new loan.

As a result, only one credit installment is due monthly. The bank customer has a higher financial margin.

If the creditworthiness is insufficient, the bank customer can offer additional collateral.

The credit rating – that’s what the banks expect

The credit rating - that

If a loan is to be taken up despite existing credit, banks are required to have a high credit rating. The credit rating must be so high that the borrower can serve two loan installments while at the same time making a living.

Banks are therefore assessed for creditworthiness before any credit is granted to establish their creditworthiness. If the monthly income is insufficient to secure the loan, additional loan collateral is needed.

Banks usually accept different property or personal security. For example, real estate assets, fixed savings deposits, share packages, funds or high-quality works of art are among the most common securities.

Precious metals and coins are also welcome collateral. Guarantors and co-applicants are counted as personal security.

For a guarantor, particular attention is paid to liquidity. Some banks are more protective of guarantors than borrowers.

A second borrower is also accepted as collateral by many banks. Guarantors and co-applicants are, as a rule, jointly and severally liable.

This means that these persons are held liable in the event of a loan default without a judicial reminder procedure.

Additional loan from the internet – online and direct banks

Additional loan from the internet - online and direct banks

Consumers who do not need advice on a loan can contact an online or direct bank on the Internet. The banks offer installment loans at very favorable credit terms.

This is partly because the banks are exposed to a great competition among themselves. On the other hand, most online and direct banks have a very lean corporate structure and work with very few people.

This also has a positive effect on the costs. For the application, consumers can use an online form. After entering the personal data, the bank collects online information from the private credit.

If the scoring of this information is in order and the information on the credit rating is sufficient, the applicant will receive a provisional loan commitment. If you need a loan despite the existing credit, you should have a very good credit rating.

A final credit decision will only be taken once the required credit documents have been received by the bank. If the applicant then receives a commitment, the loan will be paid out immediately.

Credit comparison – that’s how easy it works

Credit comparison on creditend - that

Since the online and direct bank lending offers are not manageable, a manual credit comparison on the internet is very difficult. Much easier and, above all, not so time-consuming is a credit comparison on creditend.

The large comparison portal cooperates with many different banks offering their financial services on the Internet. Consumers have the opportunity to compare different installment loans from 500 to 120,000 euros.

Some banks allow credit periods of up to 12 years. For the credit comparison, a credit calculator is available in which the loan amount and the repayment term are entered.

Who needs a loan despite existing credit, should choose the purpose of rescheduling. Immediately after entering numerous credit offers appear on the comparison page.

The loan offers always contain the same information. These include the bank name, the product details, the monthly rate, the borrowing rate and the annual percentage rate of charge.

If the applicant has decided on a loan offer, he will be forwarded immediately to the application.

Credit marketplaces on the Internet – by private investors

Credit marketplaces on the Internet - by private investors

Due to the creditworthiness, not every loan request is accepted by the banks. Anyone wishing to take out a loan with a restricted creditworthiness despite their existing credit can turn to a credit marketplace.

Credit marketplaces are Internet portals where private lenders provide installment loans to individuals. Even self-employed and pensioners are served on these portals with loans.

creditend has also set up a credit marketplace. Consumers receive credits of between € 1,000 and € 50,000 on this credit marketplace.

Run times of 12 to 144 months are possible. If the private credit information does not contain any hard negative characteristics, it will be treated neutrally. Before applying, the loan amount, term and purpose are entered into a loan calculator.

Thereafter, the personal data and details of the income and expenses of the applicant are required. The legitimation is carried out by videoidentification or postident procedure. The required credit documents are sent by post to creditend.

Once the documents have been reviewed, the loan can be disbursed despite the existing loan.

Compare loans – favorable loan conditions

Compare loans - favorable loan conditions

If a consumer is creditworthy, additional credit will be available from conventional banks or online and direct banks. To determine the creditworthiness of a private credit information is obtained and the credit rating calculated.

In the case of a limited creditworthiness, consumers must be able to offer additional loan collateral for a loan despite the existing credit. If this is not possible, a loan may be requested from a credit intermediary or credit marketplace.

Since limited credit is an increased risk for lenders, consumers are likely to face increased borrowing costs. In order to save costs, consumers should therefore compare many offers before applying for a loan.

The comparison could be done manually or supported by the software. In the connected comparison, the software helps you to apply for your individual credit despite the existing credit.

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Consumers are taking out a debt settlement loan for two different reasons. You have debts to friends and relatives, or you have to meet the demands of sellers or authorities who are not prepared to make any further arrangements, such as installments or deferrals. The second reason for borrowing for debt reduction is the rescheduling of excessively expensive loans.The key difference between the two reasons for borrowing to reduce existing debt is the urgency of borrowing. Anyone who wants to repay and finds no more favorable than the current loan, continues the current loan agreement. In the case of mandatory claims, however, a loan for debt reduction is absolutely necessary.

The debt restructuring

A rescheduling makes sense if the loan for debt compensation is associated with a considerable saving compared to the previous interest conditions. When calculating savings, any prepayment penalties that may be payable for the early repayment of current loans must be taken into account. Even without saving, a debt restructuring is advisable if the borrower relies on lower monthly installments and the current contract partner refuses the desired term extension.In addition to the existing installment loan, a rescheduling recommends balancing the checking account and any existing credit card account, as both types of loan are burdened with above-average interest rates and, in addition, the interest-rate effect.In a debt restructuring, the borrower tells his new partner bank which existing debts are to be settled. If possible, this transfers the individual amounts directly to the existing credit accounts and thus balances them out. Many lenders require debt repayment to replace all existing loans, with the exception of zero-percent financing and, in some cases, a discounted auto loan.If borrowers do not want to include part of their current loans in the debt restructuring, they are looking specifically for a financial institution that allows the repayment of selected loans. However, in addition to the liabilities listed in the Schufa information with friends or relatives or authorities, only a few lenders transfer directly to the creditors. Instead, they wind up the required amount mainly like a top-up amount so that it enters the applicant’s bank account. For the reliable debt reduction, it is essential to forward the money to the creditors as quickly as possible and not to succumb to the temptation to spend this.

Debt reduction in the private sphere as well as to traders and authorities

If the craftsman demands the payment of the overdue bill or tax debts are to be paid to the tax office and fees to the authorities and the current available assets are insufficient, a loan for debt settlement is absolutely necessary. Only in the case of tax debts can the proof of a futile credit application lead to a deferral or installment payment agreement by the tax office. For craft businesses and shops, the request is sometimes the request for a subsequent payment agreement successful, but smaller companies can often not meet her for economic reasons. While most primary care providers allow installment payments of an unexpectedly high electricity or gas bill, the providers of electoral tariffs refuse them because of extremely tight energy prices. That friends and relatives claim the settlement of outstanding amounts is rare. However, most people find debt in a private environment particularly uncomfortable and endanger friendships or relationships with relatives.If bills are urgently to pay or people in their private environment are waiting for the money they are entitled to, a loan for debt settlement is absolutely necessary. With fundamentally good creditworthiness, such a loan can be easily taken up, especially as neither governmental claims nor deliveries or craftsman services are included on the bill, and certainly not any obligations entered into in the private environment in the Schufa information. With a weak credit rating, borrowing with another applicant as well as the appointment of a reliable intermediary often leads to success.Especially in the case of urgently needed credit for debt settlement, a quick drawing of the request is usually made on loan exchanges for organized lending between private individuals. The prerequisite is that the loan request reveals the urgency of debt settlement, as many private lenders base their subscription decisions on social criteria and the need for rapid lending.

Flexible loans and low rates are ideal for debt settlement

Flexible loans and low rates are ideal for debt settlement

Credit customers choose the longest possible maturity for a debt settlement loan because it results in low monthly installments. By doing so, you avoid the risk of occasionally paying off a repayment installment during the repayment period, thereby building up new debt over time. When choosing the repayment term, borrowers plan for enough reserves to meet unexpected expenses without having to borrow again. If these are not needed, additional repayment installments can be transferred. These are generally possible with consumer loans. In order for the bank not to calculate a prepayment penalty, the debt compensation loan should be equipped with the right to free additional repayments.An equally important part of flexible repayment is the possibility of an occasional installment suspension. Such allow more and more credit providers once a year or at least every two years. An alternative to the possible installment break is the contractual commitment to a change in the repayment agreement on customer request dar. Less reliable than a corresponding contract clause are reports of current customers on the courendous handling of a bank with change requests. Although these are predominantly true, every financial institution can change the rules of goodwill at any time.

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Cash Loan for Everyone Tue, 12 Feb 2019 17:34:57 +0000 Read More »]]>


In Gruws Bank, people looking for a cash loan will find a number of proposals ranging from loans to statements, through cash loans for individuals, farmers or pensioners to consolidation loans.

As we have noticed, the majority of cash loans in Gruws are available for people aged 25 and over, however, we know from experience that a good chance of getting a loan at Gruws Bank is also people aged 18, but they are offered a smaller amount of loans.

Cash loan for you

Cash loan for you

It is a loan under which we can apply for high amounts of loans up to PLN 150,000. The maximum repayment period for such a loan can be up to 8 years. To obtain a larger amount of credit, we can use the offer together with the spouse or even a person who is registered at the same address. Thanks to this, we have a chance to increase our creditworthiness and thus obtain a high loan amount.

A loan proposal that is also worth mentioning is Simple credit for the statement.

A loan proposal that is also worth mentioning is Simple credit for the statement.

It is characterized by the fact that the formalities associated with obtaining a loan are limited to the minimum and in most cases you only need an ID card and our own statement of income, and therefore without having to present a certificate of income from our workplace. Under such a loan, we can receive up to PLN 15,000 with a repayment period of between 3 and 48 months. However, such a loan may be used only for the purchase of home appliances or appliances, eg a refrigerator, stove, TV or computer.

Loans for retirees

Loans for retirees

At the end it is worth mentioning that Gruws Bank also offers loans to pensioners and at the same time does not require large incomes. It is enough for a person applying for a loan to receive a minimum income of PLN 550 net a month. No credit history at BIK is required to obtain loans for pensioners. So even if in the past we did not take any loans, we have a chance for such a loan at Gruws Bank.

Loans with Vehicle Guarantee Thu, 07 Feb 2019 16:49:27 +0000 Read More »]]>

With the bank you can be able to get up to 80% of the value of the vehicle with payment within 48 months

We can not control when we need credit for some unforeseen or to take out some debts. When this happens it is common to resort to a loan at a particular financial institution of our confidence to help us in this difficult time.

However, care must be taken when applying for your loan whether it is in what form, after all a loan is always a new debt for whatever it is.

Types of loan

Types of loan

The best loan for which you can apply without a doubt is the payday loan. However, not everyone can apply for your request.

The payroll loan is known in the market due to low interest rates and good payment terms. In order to request it, however, it is necessary to meet certain pre-requisites demanded by financial institutions: be an employee with registration in the portfolio, retired or pensioner.

This type of credit is specifically designed for this public. Despite its many advantages, a strong disadvantage of this type of credit is precisely the public to which it is intended to be restricted and the amount to be requested is limited.

With the payroll, your applicant can not commit more than 30% of your salary, pension or retirement to the loan amount. It is worth noting here that all the loans you have can not exceed this 30% margin.

So if you already have a loan that commits 15% of your income you can only apply for a loan with a portion corresponding to the remaining 15%. This is called the payroll margin.

Another disadvantage of this type of credit is to be deducted directly from the payroll. That is, you receive your salary, pension or retirement already discounted.

Personal loan

Personal loan

The personal loan is an option for those who do not qualify to apply for a paycheck. The personal loan has more interest rates than the payroll, but less bureaucracy for its release.

As advantages of this type of credit we have little bureaucracy for liberation, however interest rates are higher than the payroll and the amounts released are usually low.

Depending on the financial institution it is possible to release around 15 thousand to 20 thousand reais but this amount varies and much from institution to institution.

Personal loan guaranteed

Personal loan guaranteed

Personal loan with collateral or secured loan is a form of credit for those who can not apply for another modality or need a high release of money.

The secured loan presents good interest rates and good payment conditions as well as the payroll loan.

This mode of credit, however, is not widely used in Brazil, but you must have seen it in soap operas, or North American movies and serials.

The so-called mortgage of the house is a form of loan with collateral, in this case the asset used as collateral for the payment of the value is the property of its applicant.

This type of loan is not widely used in Brazil, although it presents attractive repayment terms for the risk that its applicant has to lose the good used as collateral. However, if well thought out and planned the secured loan may be the chance that you have to realize dreams that need a little more financial resources.

Just like the home mortgage you can use as collateral on a loan of this nature your vehicle.

The secured loan is also called refinancing here. Once you return to pay a percentage on the value of the good used as collateral.

Some institutions release up to 50% or 70% of the market value of the vehicle or property. To determine the market value is taken into account the year (in the case of vehicles) conservation, facilities (in the case of property) among other things.


Bank Croside was founded in 1981 and now has more than 100,000 clients

Bank Croside is a consolidated bank in the market that started its activities in 1981. Its main mission is to provide the client with the necessary conditions for the fulfillment of his dreams, meeting all his expectations.

As the bank can count on a multitude of services among them we can mention vehicle financing, real estate collateral, consortia and insurance, as well as vehicle refinancing.

Sedo Flex

Vehicle refinancing, or vehicle guaranteed loan by bank is termed Sedo Flex.

In it it is possible to turn your car into credit for the fulfillment of your dreams or to make the discharge of some incurred debt.

With Sedo Flex the applicant can get up to 80% of the value of the vehicle having up to forty-eight months to repay the debt.

According to the bank itself, one of the main advantages of this type of credit by the institution is the facility for approval that only Bank Croside has.

How to apply for the loan?

How to apply for the loan?

You will need to present your personal documents (RG, CPF) proof of income and address as well as a copy of the Vehicle Registration Certificate (CRV) and the inspection report.

For the site will be necessary to present initial data of the vehicle. On the website of bank you will find the “Refinancing Vehicle” tab.

There you are presented with the initial terms about the loan and the option “Apply for your credit here”.

On this tab you will need to fill in the data on the vehicle, license plate, Renavam, year and model, make and model, if the vehicle is zero km and any other observations.

From there the screens are intuitive and it is possible to follow the given guidelines.

The bank is known in the market for its solidity and safety. Be sure that you will be in the hands of a good financial institution. Just remember to be aware of the loan requested.