How To Pay Off Your Debt Early – Debt Consolidation


The number of blocked citizens has declined in the past year thanks to special government measures. Not to mention the fact that 300 to 500 thousand people left our beautiful city. Among them are a good portion of those who are in debt, and thanks to low wages, they were unable to repay. Learn more at

This is also one of the main reasons for leaving Croatia with dissatisfaction with politics and the ruling party. Those who remain are often asked how to pay off their debts early . This issue often appears on search engines, especially during January and February when the effects of the holiday fever are most visible.

Trace the holes in your wallet

The search for the answer to the question “How to repay debts early” begins by recognizing that debts exist. Many refuse to admit it and still live up to the same standard when there was no debt. Once you are in debt, it is easier to pay them off. The standard should adapt to the current situation and live up to its capabilities and even preferably below them.

After that, you need to list complete income and expenses to see where there is room for savings. Many are not even aware of what they are spending and where their money is literally leaking from their wallet. Most often, these are unused membership fees, either for the gym or for the library, various credit card fees, expensive mobile tariffs and the like. A few hundred kunas are collected on a monthly basis, which you can divert into savings and use to pay off your debts ahead of schedule.

Part-time jobs will bolder your home budget

Cost control can save a decent amount, but it’s not the only way to pay off your debts early . A part-time job can be a good choice of earnings and the option to fund a loan or loan solely from that fund. Whether it is a part-time job or a full-time permanent job, extra money fills your home budget and reduces your total debt.

For larger loans such as home loans, reprogramming may be required. The credit conditions are thus adapted to the new situation. A new loan is requested for the rest of the loan that has not been repaid. This often reduces either the number of years of repayment or the interest rate.

However, before making any decision, you should discuss this with the clerk and ask for a new quote. Be careful not to be guided by what is advertised on the Internet or on TV, as these tend to be short-term limited offers.