Loans with Vehicle Guarantee

With the bank you can be able to get up to 80% of the value of the vehicle with payment within 48 months

We can not control when we need credit for some unforeseen or to take out some debts. When this happens it is common to resort to a loan at a particular financial institution of our confidence to help us in this difficult time.

However, care must be taken when applying for your loan whether it is in what form, after all a loan is always a new debt for whatever it is.

Types of loan

Types of loan

The best loan for which you can apply without a doubt is the payday loan. However, not everyone can apply for your request.

The payroll loan is known in the market due to low interest rates and good payment terms. In order to request it, however, it is necessary to meet certain pre-requisites demanded by financial institutions: be an employee with registration in the portfolio, retired or pensioner.

This type of credit is specifically designed for this public. Despite its many advantages, a strong disadvantage of this type of credit is precisely the public to which it is intended to be restricted and the amount to be requested is limited.

With the payroll, your applicant can not commit more than 30% of your salary, pension or retirement to the loan amount. It is worth noting here that all the loans you have can not exceed this 30% margin.

So if you already have a loan that commits 15% of your income you can only apply for a loan with a portion corresponding to the remaining 15%. This is called the payroll margin.

Another disadvantage of this type of credit is to be deducted directly from the payroll. That is, you receive your salary, pension or retirement already discounted.

Personal loan

Personal loan

The personal loan is an option for those who do not qualify to apply for a paycheck. The personal loan has more interest rates than the payroll, but less bureaucracy for its release.

As advantages of this type of credit we have little bureaucracy for liberation, however interest rates are higher than the payroll and the amounts released are usually low.

Depending on the financial institution it is possible to release around 15 thousand to 20 thousand reais but this amount varies and much from institution to institution.

Personal loan guaranteed

Personal loan guaranteed

Personal loan with collateral or secured loan is a form of credit for those who can not apply for another modality or need a high release of money.

The secured loan presents good interest rates and good payment conditions as well as the payroll loan.

This mode of credit, however, is not widely used in Brazil, but you must have seen it in soap operas, or North American movies and serials.

The so-called mortgage of the house is a form of loan with collateral, in this case the asset used as collateral for the payment of the value is the property of its applicant.

This type of loan is not widely used in Brazil, although it presents attractive repayment terms for the risk that its applicant has to lose the good used as collateral. However, if well thought out and planned the secured loan may be the chance that you have to realize dreams that need a little more financial resources.

Just like the home mortgage you can use as collateral on a loan of this nature your vehicle.

The secured loan is also called refinancing here. Once you return to pay a percentage on the value of the good used as collateral.

Some institutions release up to 50% or 70% of the market value of the vehicle or property. To determine the market value is taken into account the year (in the case of vehicles) conservation, facilities (in the case of property) among other things.


Bank Croside was founded in 1981 and now has more than 100,000 clients

Bank Croside is a consolidated bank in the market that started its activities in 1981. Its main mission is to provide the client with the necessary conditions for the fulfillment of his dreams, meeting all his expectations.

As the bank can count on a multitude of services among them we can mention vehicle financing, real estate collateral, consortia and insurance, as well as vehicle refinancing.

Sedo Flex

Vehicle refinancing, or vehicle guaranteed loan by bank is termed Sedo Flex.

In it it is possible to turn your car into credit for the fulfillment of your dreams or to make the discharge of some incurred debt.

With Sedo Flex the applicant can get up to 80% of the value of the vehicle having up to forty-eight months to repay the debt.

According to the bank itself, one of the main advantages of this type of credit by the institution is the facility for approval that only Bank Croside has.

How to apply for the loan?

How to apply for the loan?

You will need to present your personal documents (RG, CPF) proof of income and address as well as a copy of the Vehicle Registration Certificate (CRV) and the inspection report.

For the site will be necessary to present initial data of the vehicle. On the website of bank you will find the “Refinancing Vehicle” tab.

There you are presented with the initial terms about the loan and the option “Apply for your credit here”.

On this tab you will need to fill in the data on the vehicle, license plate, Renavam, year and model, make and model, if the vehicle is zero km and any other observations.

From there the screens are intuitive and it is possible to follow the given guidelines.

The bank is known in the market for its solidity and safety. Be sure that you will be in the hands of a good financial institution. Just remember to be aware of the loan requested.